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Ministry of Help!!!
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Lending a helping hand wherever needed(You can truly Lean on Them!!)
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Min. Kelvin Williams currently serves as our Chief Adjutant to the Bishop. Webster defines Adjutant as a staff officer in the army, air force, or marine corps who assists the commanding officer, knowing that we are constantly in war with the enemy, Min Williams assists our 2nd in Command, God being 1st, with things around the church or the church office  makes sure the Pastor has what he needs when he needs it and help him keep everything in order, this may seems like a small titleor job, but this leaves room for our Pastor to stay mainstreamed like getting people to Christ, praying for the sick and shut-in, making much needed telephone calls to those who can't get out, visiting people in the community, reaching out a helping hand when needed and standing in the Gap for us. With all this said Min. Kelvin Williams really does  have a big job on his hands and we do say thank you! I think he would say "be a help to your Pastor for he is a help to you!

Joy Temple's Nurses

These are our Church Nurses. They are the smiling faces that meets you when you come into our church. They help our pastor and other pulpit guests with whatever they need. They make sure that our speakers are comfortable and ensures them that they are there to help with what ever needs or concerns they may have before, during and after services. They are women who loves their duties in the church. They does a lot to make sure that our puplit guest have a memorable experience when they visit  Joy Temple.   This may seem like a small job to some, but the things they do for the church are countless.  They are very humble women that loves doing their jobs.  I would like to say "Job Well Done To the Nurses (from left to right) Sis. Jackie Denson, Sis. Demeka Hall, Sis. Tomekya Stephens, Sis T-Arrow Harris, and Sis Twalla Newsome.

Bishop Q. S. Caldwell -Pastor

Joy Temple *72 N. Broad St.* Lenox Ga, 31763

Mailing Address P.O. Box 1346* Tifton Ga, 31793