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Prophetess Cristy Woodall (updates coming soon 07/25/2013)

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To understand who she is and what she is about one must understand the mantle that God has called her to walk in. The Dictionary defines Exhorter as on who urges, advises , or cautions others earnestly or who urges others by strong advice, admonition, or appeal. This means that God has called her to be a trump to the people, warning them strongly to hearken unto the voice of God. To have this Calling one must be able to hear the voice of God themselves to tell others that which they are doing, God is not pleased with. This is a calling that a lot of people would not want or would like to have. But God has Called Cristy Woodall to hearken unto his voice and boldly proclaim what God has told her to say unto the people The Bible speaks of Warning before Destruction. She has allowed God to use her voice as a warning horn to blow unto the people of the Lord and the people who have not found Christ yet. This may seem like she is a mean person, but with responsibility God has also given her wisdom and knowledge on how to talk to people and to listen. God wants us not to be ignorant but to be mindful. God has called her to cry out strongly unto the people and tell them that hell is real and if we continue to walk in sin in hell shall we lift up our eyes.

Note of encouragement to Cristy:

You already know what God has called you to do. You already understand what it is God has placed in your life. There is nothing else I or anyone else can tell you that you already don’t know, you are a true gem to this church and everyone knows that. It is time to fully walk in your calling God has given you! God has also given you the spirit of Boldness for a reason. That is why he allowed you to be elevated into the calling of Exhorter, because you are a bold person and not afraid to say what it is that has to be said. Everyone can’t say what you say and be accepted by people. The things God has called you to say and  do is for you to do and say alone! Oh fret not because each and every time you speak there will be confirmation and affirmation. God has not given us the spirit of fear instead he has given us power!

God has called you to be a siren unto his people and some of the things you are called to do and say everyone is not going to be pleased to hear. But I would rather be hated by the world than disobedient to the voice of the Lord. Lift your head unto the hills from which commeth your help Your calling calls you to make urgent appeal. Cry out to the People and cry out to the Lord with this responsibility also comes the responsibility to have a stronger prayer life. Stayed prayed up because now that people know what your calling actually means the devil is really going to start to attack you in every way he knows how. And trust me no more old tricks he is coming with brand new stuff because you no longer bend to the things that once made you weak. You are stronger now and he will come stronger. Continue to walk in this calling.

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